Getting from (PM)2.5 to Zero: Why unraveling the ‘Cause and Science’ of Air Pollution is critical for change

Roadshow Recap from Session Stop #1, August 19

You can watch this session (and others) on our YouTube channel — note, this specific session was conducted in Thai with simultaneous translation to English.

Highlights from the Experts who came to explain

See Dr. Vanisa’s Presentation Here (in Thai)

“We have to study further the impact PM2.5 has on both our health and the climate. That should be a trigger point for policymakers to do something about the problem. They have to be concerned about the health of their citizens and the health of the country at large.” — Dr. Vanisa Surapipith, National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand

“We need to understand the ‘sensitivities’ to air pollution, and design different protective measures that work for different groups. This is not unlike the COVID-19 pandemic. We have lockdowns for the pandemic; similarly we also need to have lockdowns for air pollution crises too.” — Dr. Wirun Limsawart, Ministry of Public Health

For more information on industrial emissions’ effects on the people’s lives, see this collection of images showing the dire problems around industrial parks in Thailand.

“The budget appropriated for economic drive far exceeds that appropriated for environmental work. This signifies the highly-unbalanced approach to our nation’s development. We need to change the mindset, and drive for a more balanced development between economic growth and environmental protection.” — Assoc.Prof.Dr. Witsanu Attavanich, Kasetsart University

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