Getting from (PM)2.5 to Zero: From Air Pollution to Air Assets

Roadshow Recap from Session Stop #2, August 26

You can watch this session (and others) on our YouTube channel — note, this specific session was conducted in English with simultaneous translation to Thai.

Here’s a summary of Part A- learning from the trailblazers:

Anirudh walks us through some of the backstory, how the Graviky Labs concept, anchored in the context of India, got it’s start.

“If we take inspiration from nature — in nature nothing goes to waste. We can turn this waste into products.” — Anirudh Sharma, Graviky Labs

“Every single particle will make a difference. We have pulled out 3 million tons of pollution and that’s just the beginning.” — Nikhil Kaushik, Graviky Labs

What we covered in Part B- how to get started:

“In order to be circular about design, you have to look at the system.” — Simon Widmer

See you soon—here’s what’s on for September!

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