Getting from (PM)2.5 to Zero: The Creative Response

Roadshow Recap from Session Stop #4, September 23

“What climate change teaches us that we have left the path where we were a part of nature. Now most of us live in cities. We move from one room to another. The light is artificial. We are far disconnected from natural resources. As a result we have left our path of ancestors. What this festival is trying to do is to go back to the path of having interconnectedness with nature.” — Christopher Moore

“We need to construct a curriculum that allows the student to express themselves and be a part of the social movement. We need the younger generation to be a driving force, for all of us.“ — Taweesak Molsawat

“We have to work together irrespective of age, it is a team effort. It has to be a lot of collective effort to create a better future for ourselves, and art has a key role to play.” — Christopher Moore

We are a self-organized, citizen-driven project focused on humanity’s big challenges\\ \\ @circular_lab

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