Getting from (PM)2.5 to Zero: The Creative Response

Roadshow Recap from Session Stop #4, September 23

“What climate change teaches us that we have left the path where we were a part of nature. Now most of us live in cities. We move from one room to another. The light is artificial. We are far disconnected from natural resources. As a result we have left our path of ancestors. What this festival is trying to do is to go back to the path of having interconnectedness with nature.” — Christopher Moore

Taweesak Molsawat, an artist and educator, describes himself as an “artivist” who blends art and activism, focusing his work on social, cultural, environmental and political issues. He described how he started his work around air quality in 2018: When participating in an art performance show, to make a statement, he walked the seven hours from his home to the venue for his four-hour performance every day for 22 days. On the second day of walking, he had a difficulty in breathing due to the air pollution. He had to wear a respirator to walk starting the third day. This made him realize the gravity of the air pollution problem and dedicate himself to engaging the community to take action.

“We need to construct a curriculum that allows the student to express themselves and be a part of the social movement. We need the younger generation to be a driving force, for all of us.“ — Taweesak Molsawat

As an example of this driving force, “Team Strawberries”, Winners of the recent Youth for SDGs Award in the air pollution category, presented their concept for a solution to one facet of the air pollution problem.

“We have to work together irrespective of age, it is a team effort. It has to be a lot of collective effort to create a better future for ourselves, and art has a key role to play.” — Christopher Moore

The “From PM2.5 to Zero” Digital Roadshow continues on October 7th with a session focused on “The Gaps that Remain” in data, policy, resources and action towards a clean air future for Thailand. Join in to learn and then take action to support Thai CAN’s work to advance a Clean Air Act for Thailand.



We are a self-organized, citizen-driven project focused on humanity’s big challenges\\ \\ @circular_lab

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We are a self-organized, citizen-driven project focused on humanity’s big challenges\\ \\ @circular_lab