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Getting from (PM)2.5 to Zero: The Gaps that Remain

Roadshow Recap from Session Stop #5, October 7

“The delaying of emission standard upgrade is done partly at the request of private businesses, but the government has to re-think this. While the government is helping to maintain private businesses’ profits, people in Thailand are suffering from the health impact of air pollution. Is it time now that the government started to think about its people?”-Dr.Witsanu

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“An urgent matter that Thailand requires right now is the serious intent on the government’s part to truly solve the problems rather than focusing on the business sector’s protection at the cost of dire health impacts on the majority of the people.” — Ms. Penchom Saetung

“We have spent years deciphering lessons learned from the experience. We need to now begin acting on the solutions. Lay the issues out on the table, and solve it one at a time. Don’t just call a meeting, write a report, then disperse until the next pollution season. The government has to be serious and genuine in trying to solve the problems now.”- Dr.Veerachai

“All of the people who are breathing air in the shared commons of our atmosphere in Southeast Asia need to understand that the collective impact of polluting events hits everyone. Therefore it is important for appropriate policy measures to be taken within Thailand, nationally, locally, and internationally through regional collaboration in this segment of the atmosphere.”- Matthew Perkins

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