Getting from (PM)2.5 to Zero: Towards Solutions Part 1

Roadshow Recap from Session Stop #6, November 11

“To talk about the Right to Breathe Clean Air is to raise the question as to whether the government can provide clean air for its people, by policies that prevent too much economic growth with adverse effects on the environment and our health.”- Assoc.Prof.Tanachai Suntonanantachai

Protecting people’s right to breathe clean air, however, does not come without cost. As such, another important part of the Draft Act is the section on Economic Tools and Measures for Clean Air. This section of the Act was summarized for the webinar by Dr.Theeravuth Temsiriwattanakul, Finance & Tax Lawyer, who shared that the Draft Act stipulates 7 financial planning mechanisms that, when enforced on various goods and services that cause or are related to air pollution, can provide market signals to incentivize change towards clean air choices. These tools would be applied to fuel and fuel-based products, vehicles, constructions, and agricultural activities with open-air biomass burning, for example.

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